Playing catch up…aren’t we all!


Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep up?! Maybe it is totally with all the wips (works in progress  ) you have going on at one time, the house needing to be cleaned, the animals needing to be fed, the laundry that has to find a place to live before it totally takes over your life, and so much more!  I know you feel me and that we have all been there.  It can often times feel so overwhelming like the breath is being taken right out of you.  I know for me it makes me beyond anxious and I feel like I am failing miserably!  Throughout my life I have strived for perfection and worried greatly about if whatever I am doing measures up or is good enough.  I worry what others think probably more than I should, and I find that my mind races, unable to stop from going down a twisting, spinning rabbit hole of not-so-good things.  Well, today as I woke up to the Mount Everest of laundry overflowing at the end of my bed, the sound of 3 whining dogs, very hungry cries from my cat, all my ongoing project bags and fiber around me saying “When will I get finished? Pick me you know you want to start another project!” I felt like rolling over, covering my head again, and going back to sleep! Most times in these types of moments I would probably even cry! However today I made the choice to look past the overwhelming-ness of the chaos around me and instead choose to see the joy in it all.  I am blessed to have probably more clothes than I actually need, 3 dogs that make me laugh and give unconditional love all the time, a cat that loves food but also is a pretty great singer, and that I get to be surrounded by beautiful, amazing fibers that I can create with and that always bring me to a place of pure and utter joy!  I realized that I was going to sit up in bed and celebrate the things that I feel need to be caught up and just be!  I even took the time to create new business cards (which I have had sitting in the create phase needing to be finished, printed, & just done with by now) and meditate on the power of doing what you love.  So, for today may we be okay with not being completely caught up in every aspect of our lives or our creative projects, but rejoice in the small little victories that we do make!  And as always find joy in the incredible journey we get to be on no matter how wonderful or how hard it can be at times. Remember too – you’re never alone! Happy #wipwednesday!

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